Born in the countryside, and with parents as educators, I am the second to the youngest of seven children. With simple life in the rural area up north, I had colorful childhood years. Though soft-spoken, I experienced what many of my local community did. I had garden lots, washed the piggery, attended our backyard pets and sort of animals, you name it- from cows, carabaos, goats, hens, fighting cocks, and even turkeys. I played, as did all the others in the neighborhood, many traditional games. With trusted friends, I had colorful childhood years. I was cheerful that I had those privileges of a promdi boy. Having honors in school in my elementary years was such a delight for me.


I had my secondary education in the Mary Help of Christians Seminary founded by missionaries. Our seminary was good, with excellent training for young, aspiring boys. I dreamt of becoming a man of God, or a soldier, or a pilot someday.  There in the closed quarters in the seminary, I became the varsity player of table tennis. My high school years were spent so well that molded me to be what I am today. Time management, faith in God, prudence, patience and brotherhood were the things I learned. I graduated satisfyingly with honors.


The College years were adjustment period for me since I had to study in the Metro. With help from my relatives and support of my family, I was able to surpass the first years of my university life. I entered into the UST Golden Corps of Cadet, but just spent the first year on it for I had to focus on my studies. I gained friends, with whom a bunch of them would be my life-long friends. I played in the soccer football varsity. I had lots of fun on those years. College life was amazing.


I continued into Medicine as I pursued my Medical career in University of Santo Tomas. Being in the Faculty of Medicine was really a challenge for me. I continued to be part of the soccer football team. I also joined Gamma Beta Epsilon Fraternity, the exclusive medical brotherhood of UST.  It was hard but I managed to finish the degree. I had fascinating life in Medicine- as I learned to practice as a physician. What more there is than help heal a human body? I also had my training in Kobe University in Japan as Interventional Radiologist where I learned a lot about medicine and the career life itself.


Upon returning, and after undergoing a year in residency training for Emergency Medicine, I realized that business could also be good. I ventured into business since 2008. My business life eventually led me to meet Elaine. I am also a licensed Real Estate Broker. Life has never been wonderful and exciting for me since the business world and the medical world collided. I continuously have many opportunities, and challenges are not new for me. These, and all other things, make me the person as I am today.

........Our Special Day........

February 28, 2016


Palazzo Verde

Daang Reyna, Portofino South

Las Piñas City

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