The Proposal

Months passed, and I have been waiting for the perfect moment to express my love for Elaine. The date was perfect for us- October 8, 2015. I had no time to waste.


Hmmn, first things first- but where is the perfect place? I knew that we both love nature, adventure, and with theme of health. Tagaytay was the place then- and Nurture Wellness Village it was.


Elaine had no idea what would transpire on our trip. She didn't even prepare for her dress. I just told her we were going to Tagaytay for a massage. The place was really a haven. The scenery and atmosphere in the village were awesome. I just thought- “This is it! Just do it.” We had a nicely set up dinner for us to celebrate our “monthsary”. We then had the signature Nilaib Spa and had a relaxing night.  On the next morning, the eighth of October, we started the day by visiting their Organic Garden.  It was a lovely day with a little bit of sunshine and a bit of shade. Upon returning to the village, I already instructed the staff to prepare a special table for us near the pool. We had another soothing facials and foot massage in the hut. We returned afterwards to the dining area. And there we were, sat on lovely chairs and with delightful scene; she was perplexed on my little acts why I was edgy so suddenly. As I said my prepared speech, I knelt beside her, and asked her to marry me. My heart was pounding and it was a mix of indescribable joy. She said, “Of course babe, Yes!”. The day was heaven for us both as we headed back home.



My Speech- “You are my warmth in the coldness of the night, my light amid the darkness of life. Your loving embrace, your understanding, your care cuddle me. Things I wanted to share. Ours is the love that surpassed the tests and changes of time. And so, on this lovely day, -- will you marry me?”


........Our Special Day........

February 28, 2016


Palazzo Verde

Daang Reyna, Portofino South

Las Piñas City

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