Bachelorette party

Night before my wedding, my sisters-in-law-to be who came from different parts of the world threw me a bridal shower. This was my last night of being single, and I wouldn't have spent it any other way! I know I must have missed a lot growing up without sisters. But now, I have four Ates! It excites me!!


First, we had a relaxing massage at the hotel's Azurea Spa. Then we dined at the Phoenix Court in the hotel which is allegedly the only fine dining chinese restaurant in the city. After a sumptuous meal, we headed back to our hotel rooms to dress up for my mini bridal shower. We all wore black dress, and then we had wine. It was a lovely time to chitchat. We finished two bottles of wine, red and white. It was so smooth and I slept very well that night. Good idea!


Thank you so much to these beautiful Laoag ladies for another shower of love. Your warmth and kindness are appreciated sky high.


........Our Special Day........

February 28, 2016


Palazzo Verde

Daang Reyna, Portofino South

Las Piñas City

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