Bridal Shower

Organized by my Maid of Honor, Jasmin, sure it was a success. I really had no idea what would happen because she wanted me to be surprised and I was, I almost cried actually. Jaymie, who was my churchmate invited a guest speaker, Joy, who shared with us about relationships as gifts from God. We learned that all relationship has a story, may it be a relationship between you and your boss, you and your family, you and your special someone and you and your friends. I am an unica hija, so I consider my friends- my sisters. I appreciate them so much that went the extra mile just to make me happy. Together with Glen, Badj, Dia & Sarah, thank you very much for honoring me on this day, for making me the happiest bride to be, and for celebrating LIFE with me. 


Joseph had his own Stag Party organized by his Best Man.

They had very few photos though.

........Our Special Day........

February 28, 2016


Palazzo Verde

Daang Reyna, Portofino South

Las Piñas City

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