Wedding Preparations

From October 2015 to two days before my wedding. LOL.

Well, we got down to the nitty gritties during the last weeks.

Attended only one Bridal Fair in November at SMX. There were so many ideas and concepts you can pick for your big day. Various suppliers are at the same place at the same time so there will be lesser legwork. We booked here the Venue (Palazzo Verde), Invitation Maker (Neonovelties) and Photographers for souvenirs (PhotoMan). Such a productive day.

First things first, couturier hunt!!! It was easy for us because we both knew what we wanted. For me, I just checked one RTW shop to know which cut suits and flatters me well. Then I visited two ateliers to have my custom-made wedding gown sketched. The first one captured my heart, so Von Lazaro it was! Am so grateful for his team. For Joseph, he also knew what he was looking for. However, the first tailor was unreliable (mind you, there are many suppliers like this so you really have to be careful). He had another one made few weeks before our wedding day. Paulo Lazaro was a life-saver. Thank you!!

Next... VENUE! I only had one wish if it would be in a church, I wanted Manila Cathedral and luckily, eventhough we made the reservation only 3 months before, our date was still available! (Sinabihan ko pa si Joseph, "ano ka ba naman! Mahaba ang pila dun, bakit ngayon ka lang nagpropose? lol tapos pagdating namin dun, available. Sabi ko, OMG!!! MEANT TO BE!!!!)  So we booked it right away. But then, the cathedral has so many restrictions. Such as limited no. of Principal Sponsors, Entourage, Bridal March Song Choices and No Personal Vows. I was willing to compromise just to have my dream church, but I thought to myself, "That is my day so I will have it my way!" So, we settled to my second choice - Fernbrook Gardens, now Palazzo Verde. And I guess, it was perfect for the both of us.

Few visits to the atelier...

For Photo & Video Coverage, first choice was Wally Gonzales Photography because I felt he was homey to our venue. Unfortunately, our meeting was rescheduled and because we were rushing, we went to the office of Nice Print and we were served well. Closed deal then!

First wedding gift even before we became Mr. & Mrs. Thank you very much Ate Jing!

Thank you very much to Team Von Lazaro for making my dream wedding gown. Truly, you make all brides their most beautiful.

After few phone / online inquiries, I only visited one atelier for my entourage. Khai Villanueva was referred by my good friend, Badj. It was a spontaneous visit during a holiday and he still accommodated and opened his shop for me. He really makes good designs and did all my entourage gowns exactly the way I wanted. What is a lovely bride without equally lovely bridesmaids, right? The price that comes with it is just fine. Thank you so much Khai!

Went to Divisoria to buy packaging materials for our goodies. Because I was OC like that. Hehe! Thank you Jessica and Badj for helping me carry them boxes.

Wedding requirements in the morning. Christmas parties in the evening.

Thank you so much Neonovelties for our invites! You got my idea easily. I've fallen in love with watercolor suites, so I stuck to this design for my wedding invitation.

Personally packed our favors for our Principal Sponsors.

We're going to visit each one of them.

Weren't able to take so much photos with our Ninongs & Ninangs when we paid a visit. Quality time, you know.

My MOHs and Secondary Sponsors (based outside the country) wore customized Infinity Gowns. I made them wear this so that they can re-use the gown in other occasions if they need to. You can wear this in many styles, so practical! Packed it myself, of course.

Looking for wines for all guests during the toasting ceremony. Supposedly, we were about to buy high quality wines for our Principal Sponsors on the wedding day. But we wanted to think of other gift ideas first so we just bought the wines to be served for dinner.

Second fitting... it was hard to maintain my weight because christmas season has just passed. And I have devoted my time to the preparations and stopped working out. So, I gained. They made minor adjustments on my corset, and I made sure that I won't gain anymore. Because I should be the one adjusting and not the other way around. Of course, I still want to achieve the "sexy" figure.

Shoe hunt... it's almost the same with finding the perfect wedding dress. You should wear the most comfortable shoes because you will be wearing them all day. And when your feet start to ache, the pain will reflect in your face and you can look more exhausted. So for a carefree wedding day, wear the best shoes! 

GROOMing... few weeks before the big day, I accompanied my fiancé to the barbers while I was finishing some paperworks for our wedding's master list.

First fitting of my bridal party... Khai Villanueva​ made exactly what I want for my entourage. From the perfect shade of color to the perfect cut. And, he did all the designs of each gown because I wanted an individual style.

Final fitting of my wedding gown on a Valentine's day. It was a date with my Maid of Honor. I felt so swoon over the final outcome of my gown. Von Lazaro delivered what was presented and sketched for me when I first consulted their designer. I was so happy I got to wear one of his creations. He's very keen to details, and so am I.

Finally, we have found the right gifts for our ninong and ninangs! And there were exact colors for our motifs! Amazing! We had their titles (Godfather / Godmother) engraved on the cap as well as our monogram and wedding date.

Dapper groom-to be. A bespoke suit by Paulo Lazaro.

Our wedding favors are travel bag tags. I had it made in two colors which is our motifs; Tiffany Blue and Lilac. I put the official wedding quote from my favorite bible verse 1 Corinthians 13:13, "Faith, Hope & Love" because for us, that is our love story theme. Credits to the maker of this font because I just found it online. Then, our monogram is just an accent in the corner because I want our guests to be able to use these casually.

Wedding cake deets...

Photo souvenir frame layout by PhotoMan.

Tablescape by Josiah's Catering. If anything, they are the only one that promises high quality of food and event setup without compromising the other.

This is my favorite because I made it myself! Hihi! I think I nailed our theme, a perfect mix of classic white elegance with a touch of travel ornaments.

Wedding preparations are finally done. It's time to pamper myself.

Had my hair and nails did!

........Our Special Day........

February 28, 2016


Palazzo Verde

Daang Reyna, Portofino South

Las Piñas City

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